Download iPhone 5S User Manual

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iPhone 5S Finally released with 3 color choices and fingerprint sensor on Oct 2013 by Apple.

The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 were released in the September/October time frame. The iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 came out in the June/July time frame.

This year, Apple’s sales dipped significantly two quarters before the launch of a new iPhone. Consumers held off because they knew a new phone was coming. Apple wants to avoid loading all its sales into one half of the year. By accelerating its product releases it can avoid his problem.

From a hardware perspective, the future iPhone 5S is a fairly vague proposition: we’re expecting a faster processor, more RAM, NFC, and a better specification camera complementing the continuation of existing features like 4G LTE support. There’s little of substance out there at the moment, with an alleged image leak of iPhone 5S casing indicating “component tweaks” and little more.

Download PDF file of iPhone 5S Manual here ==>  iPhone-5S-Manual-and-User-Guide.pdf

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